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Consider this…
• I am passionate about using data well to work out how we are doing on a project and to make sure we make the right decisions.
• I have started to take part in Massive Open Online Courses.
• Microsoft was running a course called “Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Excel”.
• I am a self-confessed Excel geek.

But, I started the eight-week course with ten days to go. I (wisely) didn’t pay for a certificate but cracked on with the course with high hopes that I could complete it in the time left.

I worked through four modules before Christmas and learnt about importing data with queries, using the Data Model and setting up relationships between data tables. I found out some funky things about Pivot Tables and was getting ready to roll up my sleeves and get to grips with the visualising side of the course – after Christmas.



Data queries the clean, repeatable way to import data into Excel


Then we had to buy a new fridge, and a laptop is best for comparing options, so out came my workhorse. A slight tap on the corner sent the hard drive to the place that hard drives go when they die.

We are lucky in Derby; we have an excellent independent computer repair shop, but even he could not meet the course deadline. So perhaps I should have hit a couple of modules on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?

I have spent the last couple of days rebuilding my laptop (the new hard drive had an out of the box Windows 10 installation and virus protection) and a few other tasks. Now I am ready to restart the course. Of course, I was right to resist the temptation, but I am gutted that I won’t get the certificate 

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