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Call me weird, but I like compliance projects. They are like a huge puzzle waiting for a solution. And the payoffs are great.

  • Compliance – protecting your reputation and reducing risk
  • Cost benefits – addressing waste and improving customer satisfaction
  • Job satisfaction – through personal development and success

I have delivered product safety. At Phillips, I was responsible for the approval of kettles and fan heaters. We worked to international standards and engaged a third-party for all testing.

More recently, I tackled CE marking a range of products. They had to comply with the Machinery, RoHs, EMC and Measuring Instruments directives and the REACH regulation. I also researched  ‘Explosive Atmospheres‘ and ‘Laser‘ directives.

My latest foray into compliance is GDPR. I have a personal interest in Data Protection. So, I started researching the new regulation. I have since joined forces with a GDPR specialist. We help organisations become compliant and, in January 2018, we designed and delivered a seminar to help SMEs prepare for GDPR. And went on to help an SME build Data Protection methods and training for its clients. As part of my marketing practice, I helped a start-up be compliant with the new regulation from the get go.

Hang on a minute, am I not a specialist? Unequivocally not.  While I pick up knowledge, I know the limits of my understanding. My skill is with working with the specialists.

I translate standards, directives and regulations. My work delivers processes, actions and rules the whole team can understand, follow and support. I lead by example. Being equally at home in the lab or explaining ‘the rules’ to senior managers and directors.

And it is a two-way street. When I design solutions, I balance the need for compliance with commercial and operational goals. I will challenge received wisdom to achieve the right outcome.

Whether your compliance challenge is implementation, product or service design, or resolving the costs and difficulties of compliance – I have the skills to see you through to a successful conclusion.

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