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Project management makes change more successful. It builds teams, creates a shared understanding of success, tools and support. It sets a goal and drives out to achieve it.

Project management is common sense laced with the hard-won experience of countless project managers in myriad industries and types of organisation. It is cross-functional and recognises the skills, contribution and concerns of all team members. Project management is thoughtful and proactive. It meets the  project sponsor’s requirements in a timely manner.

Good project management delivers the desired outcome of the project, not just the nuts and bolts. Quality project management uses soft skills long before creating a Gantt chart. Useful project management enables the delivery of value – by the team.

The benefits of project management: innovation, margins, growth, costs, satisfaction

Project management is a specialist role

Project Managers use good practices that are wrapped up in tools, technical jargon and a bunch of IT. It is rarely a glamorous occupation.

The tools mean your Project Manager doesn’t have to decide how to develop a business case, or work out how to approach stakeholders. It leaves them more time and energy to think about the important stuff in a project, like defining success and supporting the team.

Professional Project Managers undertake training. Normally lots of training. And prove they can apply their skills. For example, I am a Member of the Association of Project Management.

We do this so you don’t have to. That is a cracking deal. You don’t have to write schedules, bang heads together or manage a project budget.

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