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The following case studies demonstrate my skills and achievements across a range of project types and challenges.

transforming product quality

Case study – transforming product quality

Philips DAP Hastings engaged with the University of Brighton to benefit from a Teaching Company…

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product development

Case study – The concept phase in action

Getting the concept phase right can't guarantee a successful outcome to your project. But skipping over the concept phase and 'getting on with it' is a good indicator of failure.
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project recovery

Case study – Project recovery

Project recovery requires focus and empathy for the project team.
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Case Study – Business readiness in a major IT upgrade

An IT upgrade can result in a clash of Titans as IT seek to minimise costs and the Business seeks to minimise involvement and disruption.
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From tangle to structure

Case study – Streamlining processes

In the aftermath of a failed CRM project, my employer implemented processes designed by the…

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