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To use a cliché, in Project Management no one size fits all. Clients ask me to build or run projects. They need structure to meet their strategic goals. They have great ideas but need a kickstart.

Whatever your plans, you are in the right place to connect with a talented Project Manager. My Project Management skills will help you:

  • understand the work needed to deliver your project
  • put in place robust project practices and governance
  • deliver sustainable business benefits

The benefits of project management could just as easily be labelled as the downsides of not employing it.

Structured project management increases the probability of success of any project. It makes sure the right team are in place, with a common understanding of success, shared tools and support (through governance). It sets a goal and drives out to achieve it. Sorry, I can’t think of any more buzzwords.

For me, project management is common sense laced with the hard-won experience of countless project managers in myriad industries and organisation types. It is cross-functional and recognises the skills, contribution and concerns of all team members. Project management is thoughtful and proactive. It takes action to meet the requirements of the project sponsor in a timely manner.

Good project management delivers the desired outcome of the project, not just the nuts and bolts. Quality project management uses soft skills long before creating a Gantt chart. Useful project management enables the delivery of value – by the team.

People often tell me “I would love to do project management, but it seems awfully technical”. And to be honest, I don’t really understand this comment. Being a PM is about employing a set of good practices that are wrapped up in tools, technical jargon and a bunch of IT. It is rarely a glamorous occupation.

Besides I like the tools. I like not having to decide how to develop a business case, or work out how to approach stakeholders. It leaves me more time and energy to think about the important stuff in a project, like defining success and supporting my team. When it comes to simplifying my decision making, I haven’t quite cracked the Barack Obama level of always wearing a grey or blue suit, but then I am not the Commander in Chief of the largest economy on the planet. And yes I am aware that another person now has that role.

Professional project managers undertake training. Normally lots of training. We also have to demonstrate that we apply our skills. For example, I am a Member of the Association of Project Management. We do this so that you don’t have to. That is a cracking deal. You don’t have to write schedules, bang heads together or manage a project budget. But if you want to be an intelligent customer you will want to know a little bit more…

Take your first step to excellent project delivery

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